Our team also providing amazon listing special service where including everything for a new seller, who actually ready to launch their future product.

  • $200
  • Keyword research
  • Standard product image on white background
  • Product image optimize with keyword, description & author
  • 2 Different optimal titles including high quality search keywords
  • 5 Bullet points with highlighted product feature
  • Optimal descriptions (500-2000 words) maintained
  • Unlimited revision

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it could. If you have a good conversion rate (without using promotional discounts or freebies), it is possible that having the entire listing recreated might cause an adverse effect. This is because of the way listings are indexed by Amazon and the impact new copy and keywords have on the traffic. It is not our recommendation that you have successful listings totally rewritten.

If you want to proceed, we can offer instructions for implementing the various parts of it gradually and watching the results after each test. This does not guarantee no negative reaction will occur, but it may help lessen the impact.

What we suggest is slowly testing and tweaking your listings over time. You can do that with our Listing Lab that provides professionally created tests you run on your own.

While we do occasionally offer coupon codes for our digital products (ebooks, courses, live events, etc.), we never have them for our services. We would rather provide a fair rate every day to every seller of every size regardless of the quantity bought than to require multiple purchases in order to get the best price.

PayPal, Use the button below to order a listing or contact us with your questions and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

You have to process your payment online via PayPal. You will be redirected to a page where you can contact with us. We will ask for information about your target customers and LOTS of details about the products you want us to write copy for.

REQUIREMENT: You must have either photos (professional or taken by you) or a sample of the exact product you want us to create copy for. Products that are sort of like yours are not acceptable.

After we have all the details we need, your project will be put on the schedule.

No. You must already be listed in Amazon’s Brand Registry in order to take advantage of Enhanced Brand Content listings.

Our Amazon copywriters are excellent, but we can’t just make up information about your product and customers. We have to have details from you about:

  • what the primary features/benefits of your product are
  • links to images if you want us to write about specific photos
  • who the product appeals to
  • how your product is different from other options that Amazon visitors might have
  • and more as a starting point

Then we sculpt those points into compelling copy that works with the images in your Enhanced Brand Content description to convert shoppers into buyers.

After you order, you will be supplied with a questionnaire to complete and return to us. If you have zero information (or a bare minimum of details) about your prospective customers or the product you are selling, that would make it very difficult for us to create a listing for you.

You must also provide either photos (professional or taken by you) or a sample of the exact product you want us to create copy for. Products that are sort of like yours are not acceptable.


You can use our copy on whichever Amazon site you wish, but our Amazon copywriters are American English-speakers. You will be responsible for editing or translating the copy yourself into other languages. We highly recommend Upwork freelancer. They are experienced in translating Amazon listings and search terms into numerous languages.

Yes! A great seller always try to highlighting their product feature, keyword & guarantee etc, we do HTML coding to fulfill all requirements for making a complete listings. Any formatting (h1, paragraph, bold, italics, bullets) that we insert in the Word document should be carried over when you copy/paste into your listing.

No, EBC listings and A+ listing are not the same. A+ listings are for invitation-only manufacturers and vendors who sell wholesale directly to Amazon. A+ listings include more features and use a different dashboard than EBC descriptions do. The A+ dashboard works through modules. The EBC dashboard uses templates.

We'd highly prefer who are Relevance with Amazon, Walmart, eBay & online eCommerce Business.

You can also work with us direct though our email, skype. We have some great project management idea, such as Trello, Base-camp, Asana and many more.