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Logo Design

Get your Logos and Banners done by Professionals?

There is a lot that goes into graphic design and you ignore this at your own peril. Professional graphic designers in addition to adding the wow – go to great lengths to ensure design and function merge. This is much easier said using an illustration (designers) – but take a look at several type and graphic combination logos – and you should understand this better.

A good number – in fact almost all our clients tend to pick drop shadow option when selecting products on the services page. The drop shadow is an old classic but is not applicable in all instances.

Drop Shadow Fails

We are very mobile today and many connections to the internet to read, buy or just share are made from our smart phones. On these small screens – text must be legible. In specific instances drop shadows could well be the reason your message is not getting across – is that why you ordered the bold logo? Definitely not – you are placing an order for a product that improves visibility – even on 4 inch screens.

If the text and object (logo graphic) are dark and the background is dull or mid toned – you lose more than you gain with drop shadows.

High Quality Graphics Design Service-Clipping Path Hut

High Quality Graphics Design Service-Clipping Path Hut

Where Drop Shadow works

Before proceeding remember I mentioned it is a classic – therefore only use the drop shadow when the background is light. In such instances it does enhance contrast making the design clearer.

To make this even clearer – you should use that guideline especially when considering the minute objects – icons, tabs, etc. Visual clutter makes reading difficult and should be avoided.

Clipping path hut keeping you informed on Trends

Marketing is part of our business and as a key ingredient to any products success – we can’t really stride the fence on anything involving graphics. It does hurt a little but it is the reason we are still in business. Our services and customer reviews are proof of this – send us an email and we will respond with what we feel will work for you based on our experience in various industries.

In addition to our packages we will offer in depth advice on why we make those choices to ensure each of our products serves you well. You can be sure much of what we will discuss will just like this blog – casual but informative. If you prefer you can call us on our number or even use live chat to resolve, enquire or even place your order today.

Our services include:

  • Background adjustments – making it all vivid.
  • Dimensions based on niche requirements.
  • Expedited delivery – rush orders.
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